Clean and shiny

All three dogs got their baths, Bonnie yesterday, Emma and Remy this morning.

Since Bonnie had essentially been nuked 2 weeks ago, I just used baby shampoo on her. She didn’t seem much of a fan of it, and I’d have to agree with her, at least as to the smell. And it lingers! I’ll have to find something mild I can stand for next time.

This was Emma’s first bath in my foster care. As independent as she always tries to be, this must have been a little tricky for her to endure. She was most calm when she attempted to hide between my legs. Great, now I look like I peed myself.

Remy did very well this time. He didn’t try to sit, but still kept his head low which can be an issue when water runs down his neck into his face.

Apart from Emma almost immediately casting herself into the grass to roll on her back, covering herself with dry grass clippings, I think it went very well.

I still think I should get paid for this 😉 Ah, but I do! These dogs pay me back with interest to spare. Wonderful creatures.

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