Support BrewPups by purchasing PETCO products

While BrewPups is not a charity as of yet, food and vet bills for fostering activities still cost a little. If you buy PETCO products through any one of the links in this posting, you not only save yourself a few bucks over in-store prices, but the gas needed to get there. Best of all, a small percentage goes to BrewPups which will be used toward helping dogs in need.

In addition to many wonderful sales, PETCO offers Free Shipping for orders $49 or over

Here are dog foods I highly recommend:

Innova Large Bites Adult Dry Dog Food (30 lbs.)
Innova Red Meat Large Bites Adult Dry Dog Food (30 lbs.)

It is assumed any other products purchased after using one of the above links contributes to the BrewPups cause, so you shouldn’t need to stick with the recommendations above.

Thanks for any help. Give your pups a hug from us.

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