And Emma makes three…

In addition to Bonnie’s arrival 2 weekends ago, Emma was in dire need of a foster as well. She had already been waiting a while to get into a foster home, so I thought I’d give it a shot with 3 dogs in the apartment (there is also my own black lab, Remy, in this communal gathering).

Emma wants to be your favorite!

There are a few more pics of her in the BrewPups Gallery. She’s pretty camera shy, but I hope to capture a few more pics before long.

She is a very affectionate young shepherd/lab mix, and also very sly. She almost immediately found the weak spot in my area, and nearly escaped as we were preparing for the first walk.

She’s been somewhat hesitant to play. Finally, in the last couple of days, I got her interested in one of those furry squeaky toys without stuffing. Wonderful to see her having such fun with it. She showed a little possessiveness toward the other dogs, but no problem when I got close.

In general, she hasn’t shown any issues with humans, and was quite well behaved when the local kids came to pet her. She loves being the center of attention, plain and simple. But then, all my dogs do 🙂

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Bonnie, the forsaken pup

Last week, a good friend and dog lover found a white lab roaming one of the local FM roads. You can see some pics of her in the BrewPups Gallery.

This young female was completely encrusted in fleas and their droppings. She even still had stitches in her belly, no telling how long.

Bonnie says "Hi!"

She doesn’t look undernourished, actually a bit overweight. The locals said she’d been running around there for a while. Mystery! There are some markings on her upper snout indicating something was wrapped around it really tight, tight enough to have permanently twisted 2 of her teeth!

Well, she’s in better hands now, as I take her into my foster care. The vet thinks she may be no older than 18 months. She’s already adapted quite well, with only an occasional flinch resulting from the trauma days now past.

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Annie is in Connecticut!

It’s been a busy week since that last bath. Annie is now with her new family in Connecticut. I uploaded the few pics I’ve received so far in Happy Waggings gallery.

I just learned that the Piwigo, the software powering the gallery, does not auto-resize the pictures, so it may seem to take a while for viewing as the pics are really large. I’ll see if there’s a plugin for it, or just have to do it manually before upload next time.

Anyway: Hurray for Annie!

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Annie is on her way to CT

Annie was brought to the Rescue Roadtrips transport in Baytown this afternoon. She’ll be with her new family on Saturday.

Here is the last pic I took, after Annie and Remy got a bath yesterday:

Waiting for the post-bath air-dry walk.

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PayPal connected

Got BrewPups connected with PayPal this morning, resurrecting an old Credit Union account I hadn’t really used in a decade. A PayPal donation button should be coming your way any day now 😉

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We’re live!

Well, sort of.

As of June 1 2011, the domain is registered and hosted. A blog is installed at – you’re looking at it 😉

I still haven’t settled on the theme to use. I started with the ‘Quentin 0.9-wpcom‘ theme, and may well stick with it. It’s late, and I’m too tired to think about it very much.

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